The Ancient Romans had a saying: healthy mind in healthy body. They were on to something, because doctors in our present age have proven that mental health and physical health are linked.

Here are just a few effects of poor mental health on the body:

  1. Triggering Chronic Diseases

Depression is linked to the onset of various chronic diseases such as:

  • Diabetes
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer.

Also, mental health problems make dealing with pre-existing chronic diseases more difficult, as patients have a sense of hopelessness and a bleak outlook on the future.

  1. Sleep Problems

Between 50% and 80% of the people diagnosed with a mental health condition report poor sleep and insomnia. This is a huge percentage compared to the general population, where between 10% and 18% suffer from sleep problem.

In turn, poor sleep leads to the onset of other health problems, such as chronic fatigue and cardiovascular diseases.

  1. Substance Abuse

People suffering from depression and other mental health issues are more likely to turn to smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs as a method of coping. This leads to addiction and the countless problems it creates for the person’s health, personal and professional life.

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