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Exercising and a healthy diet are key at any age, but what makes workout efficient and diets healthy changes with age. Here are some aspects to have in mind:

  • Protein intake – acclaimed stem cell treatment Denver providers affirm that our metabolism, including the capability of our body to use proteins, weakens with age, which means that the amount of proteins that our body needs increases. The recommended protein intake for a sedentary adult should be around 0.8 grams per kilogram of bodyweight, but the intake should be increased with age to counter the effects of slowing metabolism, such as muscle loss;
  • Other aspects related to your diet – slowing metabolism accounts for increasing fat deposits. While our body needs fat and carbs for healthy functioning, the intake needs to be tailored to age and increased attention must be paid to quality, replacing refined carbs with wholegrain and trans-fats with healthy versions;
  • Exercise – the body’s ability to respond to exercise also changes with age. While our fitness levels are at the top in out twenties, maintaining fitness becomes increasingly hard in our 40’s and that process continues, too. To match changing capabilities and needs, strength training should be gradually replaced with exercise that promotes muscle tone and flexibility, such as yoga or Pilates.