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Improving your physical fitness and maintaining the discipline you need for sticking to diet is no longer a lonely struggle – modern technology can help you in many ways, from apps on your phone to wearables and smart appliances. Here are some tools that you can use:

  • Fitness trackers – with a quick search, you can now find lots of apps that you can download on your phone to track your achievements. If you have recently started a walking program, you can download an app that counts your steps; if you are a jogger, you can find dozens of apps that measure the distance that you have covered running and that provide other important metrics, too, including your speed, your heart rate and the calories burned;
  • Medical and other devices for home use – A top rated stem cell therapy Lowry doctor tells us that having a blood pressure measuring device and smart scales in your home is also very important, that way you can check whether your weight and BP is in the healthy range and you can turn to a specialist in time if you notice any change;
  • Hydration tracker – we all know how important it is to consume sufficient amounts of liquids, but we tend to forget to drink when life gets busy. Hydration trackers are great apps that will keep track of how much liquid you have consumed and how much you still have to consume to reach your target.