See Downtown's Healthcare for expert careA lot of people tend to experience frequent colds and periods of sickness during the wintertime. The cause of this can range from picking up a viral infection from someone at work or school, to spending too much time in the cold, to smoking too much and having your immune system impaired.

To avoid all that and ensure that you remain healthy throughout the winter, consider the following tips:

  • Start by regulating your diet. Simple carbs are great if you do intense physical work, but other than that they can be a real hindrance. Consider replacing them with healthier, low GI choices, and using drinks sweetened with honey and containing natural, vitamin-rich fruit juices, instead of drinking soda and alcohol.
  • Get help with smoking! Aside from being a costly and dangerous addiction, smoking can also mess with your immune system, so you’ll catch a cold faster.
  • Top up your supply of vitamins, and focus mainly on vitamin C. Healthy sources of vitamin C are considered best (such as citrus fruit), but you can also take supplements, if you can’t find a lot of lemons and oranges.
  • Drink warm tea instead of getting too used to cold drinks. Green tea as well as various herbal teas like mint and camomile have an excellent effect on the body, and can help keep you healthy all throughout the winter season.

If you continue to feel lousy despite your best efforts, the professionals at can meet with you and help greet the new year feeling healthy and strong.