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You may have been pursuing the same exercise regimen for quite a long time and have noticed that your workouts are no longer delivering the expected results. Don’t worry, you are faced with a very common problem that you can easily solve. Here are tips from a sought after chiropractor in Denver near me on how to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts to obtain a more effective training regimen:

  • Stepping up the intensity of your cardio workouts – if you have been doing two legged jumps, try jumping on one leg. If your preferred cardio exercise was rope jumping, find a type of jump that you have not yet tried and that is more intensive than the ones you have been doing.
  • Add more weight to your strength training – if so far you have been doing strength training using your own body weight, you can now try adding more weight to your exercises. Add some weights attached to your wrists and ankles. If you have been working with weights, switch to slightly heavier weights, but do it carefully and add only a little more at a time.
  • Try combination movements – you can also step up the intensity of your workouts by adding complexity. For example, if you have been doing simple lounges, try combining them with movements that engage the upper body.