As you’re working out, you might end up with painful joints. This is something that everyone who is just starting out with their workouts will experience. A sedentary lifestyle suddenly interrupted by even the mildest of physical exercises will lead to discomfort and pain, and sometimes the pain can be uncommonly sharp – bad enough to prevent you from continuing with your workouts for at least a few days.

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Fortunately, there are ways to avoid joint pain and continue with your exercise sessions on a steady basis. You simply need to focus on minimizing exercises that put a lot of pressure on your joints – or at least to introduce them gradually.

Exercises such as jumping jacks and intense jogging might be great for a cardio boost. However, according to a medical provider with complimentary Lowry chiropractor reviews they can be very painful for your ankles and knees, especially if you haven’t done anything like that in years. Consider replacing them at first with some light bodyweight exercises and medium intensity strength training.

Another important thing to consider is your pre-workout warm-up and what it might consist of. At first, you will have to use lighter and longer warm-ups that will gradually become more moderate in intensity and shorten in length. That way you can ensure that you’ll be eased into the harder stuff, and that your workout will not cause intense joint pain or muscle cramps.