Lowry chiropractor reviews

Working at the office all day can make you feel tense and stiff even at the best of times. Neck and shoulder pain is usually a pretty big problem, and it can lead to headaches and poor blood circulation that can also impair your ability to do your work. The following methods should help you prevent neck pain even during your busiest days at the office:

  1. Taking periodic breaks will help a lot with neck pain. Your neck can get stiff and achy if you keep staring at the computer screen or sitting at the desk for hours on end. Consider taking a break once every 40-45 minutes to move around and keep your neck and shoulder muscles relaxed.
  2.  A doctor I know with many positive Lowry chiropractor reviews affirms that neck and shoulder exercises can help a lot when it comes to preventing neck and joint pain. The best exercise you can consider is to gently move your neck forwards, back then to each side. Avoid rotating your neck for more than one or two rotations, and if you do it, never try it too quickly as there is a risk of injury.
  3. Avoid bad posture and you’ll find your neck and shoulder muscles will hurt a lot less. Constantly leaning forward or to one side when you’re working on the computer can make your muscles feel stiff and difficult to move. To avoid that, keep your spine erect at all times and consider using an ergonomic chair that has good support for your upper back.