Back pain is a common health problem, an issue that most adults know from experience. If you have just recovered from an episode of severe back pain, you surely want to prevent it from happening in the future. While there is no guarantee that lifestyle changes will completely protect you from back pain in the future, there are many things that you can do to reduce the risk of suffering in the future. One of options is to implement changes in your diet – here are some tips from what some people consider the best chiropractor Lowry has:

  • Include inflammation-fighting ingredients – there are lots of fruits, vegetables, spices and seeds that can efficiently reduce or prevent inflammation in the body, including the inflammation that affects the spine. Some of the best examples are ginger, berries, pomegranate, flax and chai seeds, onions, oregano, spinach, kale and broccoli;
  • Ingredients to reduce pain – some ingredients, such as avocados, nuts, lean protein, such as chicken, turkey and fish are not only good for your health in general, but they also have natural pain-relieving effects, so they work great to treat pain as well as to prevent it;
  • Foods to avoid – your anti-back pain diet should be free from ingredients that promote inflammatory processes in the body, such as fast foods and foods packed with saturated fats and carbs, such as white bread, sugary beverages, hydrogenated oils and foods that contain lots of preservatives, such as snacks, chips and pastry.