Season change affects everyone to a certain extent – most of us like warm, sunny weather and long days and it is just natural to be a little sad when summer says good-bye, the days become shorter and spending time outside is no longer as pleasant as during the hot months. There are many scientific explanations to why we all feel a little down in fall – here are some:

  • Your body is aware of and reacting to the changes – the body has an inbuilt clock called the circadian rhythm that monitors the length of daylight and tells us when we should go to bed. As sunlight is not that bright in fall and its brightness decreases from one day to the other, our circadian rhythm becomes affected and so are our sleep patterns and alertness;
  • The hormones are affected as well – the dark-light cycle also affects the body’s hormonal balance. When it is darker outside, the body releases less hormones that make us feel happy and more stress hormone;
  • The prospect of a harsh winter is dreaded by many of us – winter is a difficult season, the roads are slippery, you must do lots of snow shoveling and heating bills run high, all aspects that can cause worries and concerns.

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