It has been understood for many years that men who reach a certain age have a lot of problems dealing with testosterone changes. Even if you’re just 40-50 years old, the effects of declining serum testosterone levels will be felt in full, and these effects only get worse in men who are older.

Generally speaking, the trend shows that testosterone levels tend to decrease at a greater rate as we get older. Studies show that about 20% of men over the age of 60 have testosterone levels that are considered to be below normal. That figure increases to over 50% in men over the age of 80.

Even in the case of younger men who have just crossed the 35 or 40-year barrier, testosterone might be declining at a faster rate than it was previously believed. Cross-sectional studies have confirmed the suspicion that some men have declining testosterone levels that tend to decrease by more than 1% per year even when they are younger. The official figure is 1.6%, though it can be lower or greater, depending on each case in part.

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The decrease of serum testosterone over time is still a subject of debate among experts. A physician with good Lowry regenerative medicine reviews affirms that there are many unknowns, and it is still not fully understood how certain practices and diet changes might influence testosterone levels in men of certain ages. This is simply one of those subjects that require constant updates, and that we need to keep up with in order to get closer to what they are really all about.