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It might sound like an age-old cliché, but we are what we eat, indeed. This also means that ideally, our diet should change along with our age; in other words, the older we get, the more attention we need to pay to our diet. This is especially important after the age of 55 – here is why:

  • Our metabolism becomes slower with age – time changes the ability of our body to use the nutrients that we ingest with our diet. Our ability to extract the right amount of nutrients from our food is constantly weekend by age; it becomes increasingly important to pursue a very nutrition-rich diet. That gives our body all it needs to perform well and resist the effects of passing the time.
  • Weaker and slower digestion – our digestive tract also loses some of its efficiency with age, which is why it becomes increasingly difficult to lose weight and to keep that weight off as we become older. However, good food choices can prevent that weight gain from happening and help us stay within the healthy weight range. Skin specialists offering skin rejuvenating vampire facelift Denver procedures remind us that drinking lots of water is beneficial for digestion and all systems of the body – young or old!
  • Disease prevention – keeping our metabolism as efficient as can be and maintaining a healthy weight through the proper diet is essential for preventing certain diseases from appearing, such as diabetes and cardiovascular illness, which is so common in older age groups.