Dealing with even a mild to moderate knee injury can be a difficult prospect. First of all, you need plenty of rest and to avoid putting too much strain on your knee. That might mean that you not only have to avoid working out and running for a while, but that you might also have to limit walking. Depending on the advice and instructions that your doctor gives you, it could even be necessary to use a wheelchair for a while and perform specific, gentle exercises designed to help your knee and muscles recover over a longer period of time.

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For typical injuries, rest, relaxation, ice, elevation and compression will typically do the trick. You can experience improvement in just a day or two, and your injury might be completely healed in a matter of just a few weeks. However, in the case of a severe injury, things might be far worse. First of all, you have to see your doctor and have them run some tests and X-rays to make sure no bones are broken and that your joint is not dislocated. Once they can diagnose the problem based on your knee X-rays, they can provide you with the proper treatment.

The basic measures used for mild injuries will only get you so far. It’s important that, when you suspect you might have a more serious knee injury, you visit your doctor immediately. One of the most problematic injuries you could experience is a torn patellar tendon, which would require a complex surgery and up to 6 weeks of recovery time.

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