Many forms of knee pain, such as the pain that results from strenuous activities or pain that just comes and goes, can be easily managed with home remedies, such as the application of ice packs, rest and compression bandages. However, if the pain becomes worse or is accompanied by other symptoms, you need a doctor. Here are some signs that home remedies are no longer enough and you need professional medical care:

  • Symptoms that indicate inflammation – redness, pain that seems to become worse with each step, significant swelling, warmth around the knee and fever are all signs of severe inflammation and require a visit to the doctor’s office;
  • Signs of severe trauma – if you notice any deformity that appears all of a sudden, if you hear popping sounds coming from the painful knee, if your knee cannot bear the weight of your body, you should see a doctor right away;
  • A worsening minor injury – some minor injuries cannot be treated with home remedies. If the pain that you experience after a minor sprain or strain gets worse, it is a good idea to make a doctor’s appointment before the condition of your knee aggravates. There are several types of treatments, including innovative knee on trac technology, available for chronic knee pain.

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