Knee on Trac is a non-invasive, revolutionary system designed especially for the treatment of painful affections of the knees, such as meniscus tears, arthritis, the degeneration of the knee joint and sprains or strains that have been persisting for over 6 weeks. The device consists of a comfortable chair and a separate unit consisting of an inflatable cuff placed under the knee and attached to the patient’s leg with straps. When turned on, the system exerts gentle traction that separates the joints a little to create vacuum inside the joints and to allow nutrients to reach into the treated area. Knee on Trac treatment sessions usually last 5-10 minutes and most patients start experiencing the positive results, such as reduced pain and increased joint mobility, after the first few sessions.

knee on trac treatmentThe treatments that use the Knee on Trac system either as a stand-alone solution or in conjunction with other methods need to be performed by specialists, so if you are interested in trying the method, you should check the chiropractor practices in your area. You can either contact local chiropractors on the phone to inquire about Knee on Trac or you can check out chiropractor websites to find out which of the local offices provides the treatment.