If your upper back pain prevents you from doing your daily activities, and lifestyle changes and medication do not work, seeing the best chiropractor Lowry area specialist is a great way to start the healing process.

Chiropractic treatment has been used for 4,000 years and remains a well-known treatment for back pain in the world today. Over the years, this practice has developed simultaneously with scientific medical discoveries and research.

Chiropractors use manual procedures to treat bone, muscle, and joint conditions. These treatments are called “manual therapies.” Chiropractors apply a wide range of techniques but focus mainly on spinal manipulation.

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Contraindications to cervical manipulation include vertebral fractures, infections, cancers, myelopathy, and rheumatological disorders. The complication of cervical manipulation includes dissection of the vertebrobasilar artery, but this is rare and almost impossible to predict.

Chiropractic treatment for cervical spondylosis and upper back pain is complemented by exercises designed to relieve pain. These include creating a routine of isometric exercises for the neck muscles, strengthening and flexibility exercises for the neck and shoulder muscles, and for strengthening the back muscles.

Chiropractic treatment for upper back pain is not painful and involves approximately 4-6 sessions – depending on the severity. It is a non-invasive option and can provide strong pain relief.