Have you ever felt headaches when you were sad? Or muscular tension around the neck and shoulders when you were nervous? Or maybe stomach pain when you were angry or stressed?

The physical symptoms are sometimes the effects of emotional causes, so make sure to eat healthily, do regular sports and take care of your thoughts to have a general well-being.

Here you will find some tips from a local integrative medical practice with many 5 star Denver regenerative medicine reviews.These suggestions may help you stay positive, even when life challenges you.

  • Set barriers.

By setting barriers in an assertive way, you let people know what you accept and what you do not. You are not obliged to answer the phone after your working schedule finishes or on your days off. You have the right to say ‘no’ if someone requests something and it is uncomfortable for you.

Setting assertive barriers will help you to avoid accumulating repressed anger and rumination and improves the quality of your relationships. Express what you feel and let your mind free.

  • If you feel anxious, let the fear be your guide

It is normal to feel anxious in certain situations, especially in new circumstances; however, some people might feel that they lose control of the situation in a stressful situation. To avoid unpleasant physical symptoms such as tense muscles and respiratory difficulties, most people will avoid the situation that will make them feel nervous.

But avoiding the situation does not resolve it and if you keep avoiding it, not only it might limit your life, but it threatens your self-esteem too. If you feel anxious, let the fear be your guide: Do what scares you the most and get rid of the physical pain that you feel too. If it is necessary, ask for the help of the therapist.

  • Being positive all the time is a lie

It is quite difficult to stay positive all the time, especially in the challenging moments of your life. If you are planning to avoid thinking about the negative situation that you are dealing with and to think positively, you are just repressing your sadness and anger inside. The feeling that you do not express will dig inside you and also affect your body. Let your sadness out and allow your mind to be free. If you feel sad, establish a specific moment of the day when you dedicate your time to writing down your feelings. 

Positive thinking does not depend on willingness, it is a result of fears defeated, emotions expressed, and limits set. When you harness the power of your thoughts, your body will feel better, too.