Isn’t it true that one of your promises on New Year’s Eve was to keep fit and get into better shape? But time has passed, and you haven’t even gone to the gym to make a subscription. Instead of remorse, better focus on solutions and try to practice these very light physical exercises that help you keep fit and do not last more than a few minutes!

V inverted (30 seconds)

Stay down, supporting your body with your palms and toes on the floor. Get up slightly, pushing the posterior up and keeping the spine straight. At first, you will have your legs close to the body, but you need to push them back to get an inverted “v.” Stay in this position for 30 seconds. 

Lifting the legs (30 seconds)

This exercise is straightforward, but it tones your abdomen perfectly. Lie on your back, with your hands beside your body and your legs glued together. Raise the legs using the abdominal muscles to form a 90-degree angle with the torso.

Repeat the exercise for 30 seconds. It is important not to do it many times but to do it correctly!

Superman exercise (30 seconds)

This exercise is excellent for both the back and the abdomen. Lie down facing the floor, with your hands stretched back and your legs straight out. Raise your chest and hands as much as you can and your legs without bending them. You need to swing on your abdomen and maintain this position for 30 seconds.

For additional information on how to keep your body strong and fit, meet with health and wellness specialists at an alternative chiropractic Lowry clinic near me.