Recovery after serious knee surgery can vary significantly. In some cases, it may take longer than you anticipate. For some people, recovery can be quick; for others, it can be more complicated and lasting because it depends on several factors.

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First of all, it is about the type of surgery. The recovery after a classical surgery is more extended than a minimally invasive intervention. In addition, the patient’s knee problem also matters. For example, a meniscus rupture that involves suture or repair will require longer recovery than an intervention that involves only partial meniscectomy.

 In some cases, the recovery duration after knee surgery can be measured in days to several weeks; in others, it can also last up to several months.

Issues that may affect your recovery after surgery also include a few variables under your control and a few others under the surgeon’s control.

The recovery process should begin before the surgery. Kinesitherapy performed before the intervention could be very important for recovery! The better the mobility and muscle strength of the knee, the easier and faster the recovery will be.

Pain control after surgery is also essential. Knee pain Denver doctors suggest several things you should have at home to increase your comfort and ease of recovery after surgery are ice bags, elastic bandages or compression stockings, and some medications with analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects.