Women can achieve self-care using five simple tips. The first is taking up meditation as a hobby because it helps with depression and anxiety. The second is becoming more organized by decluttering your office and your house or dividing personal space and workspace in case you work from home.

The third tip is limiting your screen time. The time you spend on your tablet, phone, or laptop should be limited to just a few hours simply because of the dangers of social media and virtual reality. Instead, you can just invest in yourself by working out or reading a good book.

The fourth tip is focusing on physical self-care by staying physically active, enjoying spa days and warm baths, hydrating throughout the day, increasing your vitamin D intake via sunlight, and valuing good nutrition and sleep hygiene. Physical self-care is one of the essential pillars of self-care and is even more important than the social, mental, and emotional pillars. It can help you stay sane and have enough energy to develop as a person or get fresh perspectives on life. You can talk to regenerative care specialists at Downtown’s Healthcare for additional physical self care tips.

Finally, being mindful is also incredibly important in terms of self-care. Awareness of the present moment and what it can bring can help you focus on good relationships, learn new skills, or pick up new hobbies. You can achieve mindfulness using contemplation and total surrender to the unique experiences of the present moment.