If you have a senior parent who needs to work out more, it is very essential to make sure they follow a correct exercise regimen. Too little exercise will not help much, and if the workouts are too intense, they might end up having serious health problems.

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That being said, there are some guidelines from a doctor with 5 star Denver chiropractor reviews you can follow to minimize injury and any other health problems:

  • It’s important to start out with mild exercise and increase the intensity very gradually. Any exercise plan for seniors has to take into account their unique health problems and be cleared by their family physicians before they can proceed.
  • Focusing on light cardio and minimal anaerobic exercise is essential. Anything that puts the heart under undue strain should be discouraged, especially for seniors that are around or over the ages of 65-70.
  • Integrate stretching and simple, body weight exercises as part of your senior parent’s normal routine.
  • Jogging and running can be replaced by brisk walks.
  • Always adjust the intensity and length of the exercise plan according to feedback from your senior parent and their doctor. You want to make sure that the actual exercise sessions will be ideally tailored to their needs and their physical capabilities.