knee pain Denver treatment

Regular exercise is an essential part of healthy life, even for those suffering from knee pain. Fortunately, there are lots of great and efficient exercises that can be safely done even by those who suffer from knee pain – respected knee pain Denver treatment providers confirm that there are some forms of exercise that should be avoided and replaced with safer variations or with other types of movements if your knees are causing you pain:

  • Running – though one of the healthiest forms of movement and also exercise that is efficient for weight loss and muscle building, running might just not be what those suffering from knee pain need. If your knee pain is mild, you can try mild jogging wearing special, shock-absorbing running shoes and on a special rubber track (running on the side of the road or on regular pavements should be avoided), but if you suffer from severe pain, look for low-impact cardio, such as swimming. Running up the hill and on stairs should also be avoided;
  • Squats and deep lunges – these forms of exercise put lots of strain on weakened or inflamed knees, therefore they are best avoided, too;
  • Repetitive jumping – burpees and rope jumping are the two best examples, both very efficient, but potentially harmful for those who suffer from knee pain.