We all have moments of stress and anxiety, but some people have to deal with prolonged periods of being affected by these issues. Left untreated, stress and anxiety can lead to long term mental health problems and even physical health problems.

Here are a few tips from Downtown’s Healthcare in Lowry for empowering your mental health:

  1. Connect with Other People

Being lonely is not good for you during times of anxiety and stress. On the contrary, you should seek companionship. Friends and family members are your best support system. Also, you should strive to meet new people who share your hobbies and interests. Being focused on conversations and empathizing with others will help you get over the negative experience of stress.

  1. Stay Active

When you engage in sports or other active hobbies, like handcrafts or gardening, you are less inclined to dwell on negative thoughts. Instead, your body will be in shape, your brain will be well oxygenated and you will have a sense of purpose. Always make the effort to do something actively when your mind tells you to just sit back on the couch and watch TV. According to an alternative chiropractic Lowry provider, consistent spinal adjustments can release stress hormones that build up when the spine rests in misalignment.

  1. Avoid Unhealthy Habits

A lot of people try to cope with stress by drinking alcohol or smoking. Don’t! These habits will not make you feel better. Instead, they will create new physical health problems and lead you on the path to addiction to other, more dangerous substances.