Most people unfortunately experience knee pain, sooner or later.  Playing sports, physical exercises or trauma can cause tendinitis, muscle strains, ligament, meniscal or cartilaginous injuries.

For some people, gonalgia can severe enough to limit their daily activities, for a while.  For other people, a moderate pain in the knees is felt almost permanently, becoming chronic and limiting only the physical activities that could previously be performed without effort.

Whatever the case, it is necessary to determine the cause that weakens the proper functioning of the musculo-ligamentous system.

According to knee pain treatment Denver specialists, diseases or physical conditions that can cause knee pain include:

  • arthrosis (also called osteoarthritis): pain, inflammation and destruction of the joint caused by the degeneration and damage of the knee joint;
  • tendinitis: the pain is felt in the front of the knee, and it gets worse when the person climbs stairs or walks on an inclined surface;
  • bursitis: inflammation caused by repeated use of the knee or trauma to the knee;
  • gout: this is a form of arthritis caused uric acid accumulating in the body;
  • ligament rupture: a rupture occurs in one of the four knee ligaments; the most frequently affected ligament is the ACL;
  • bone tumors: osteosarcoma (the second most prevalent bone cancer) occurs most frequently in the knee area.