flu symptomsThe flu season comes every year, infecting millions of people all over the world. Being able to identify the symptoms correctly in the current global health situation is very important, so here some of the symptoms that are shared by COVID-19 and the flu and some that are typical for influenza:

  • Symptoms shared by the flu and the corona virus – stem cell treatment Denver clinicians confirm that fever and chills, fatigue, sore throat, muscle or body pains, difficult breathing or shortness of breath and a runny nose are symptoms that are commonly associated with both the flu virus and the coronavirus;
  • Latency – while the symptoms caused by both viruses take a couple of days to appear, the flu virus seem to take shorter, usually 1-3 days, to produce symptoms. For the persons infected with the corona virus, it usually takes 5-14 days to develop symptoms;
  • Spreading the virus – while both viruses spread via droplets, the persons infected with the flu can spread the virus for shorter periods than the people who get the corona virus infection. While flu sufferers can spread the virus for 1-7 days, the people who have been infected with the novel corona virus probably remain contagious for much longer and that goes for people who have been infected, but are asymptomatic.