Chiropractic care is based on the principle that the body can heal when the bone system is properly aligned and the nervous system is functioning normally. Therefore, chiropractic aims to restore health by means of manipulation of bones, especially in the spine. When the bones are not in the correct position, the theory says that nerve transmissions are disturbed, and this causes the chiropractor Lowry

What is a chiropractic session?

The first chiropractic examination includes a complete investigation of the spine and the anamnesis of the patient. The therapist will analyze the painful area by observation and palpation. Also, in some cases, certain analysis will be carried out to rule out an infectious cause or other health problems that may require another type of treatment.

The therapist directs their strength almost the same as the muscles would, looking for the optimal position to put the displaced bone back. The purpose of the maneuvers is to unlock a certain vertebral segment.

According to one of the best chiropractor Lowry treatment specialists, treatment is usually divided into 3 stages. The first sessions take place at short time intervals and are aimed at immediately relieving pain. In the second stage, the sessions have the role of continuing the healing process and preventing relapse. At the last stage, the sessions are carried out with the aim of maintaining the patient’s state of health.

The number of sessions varies from patient to patient, depending on the situation. If it is chronic, or involves serious conditions and other health problems, the treatment can be long-lasting.