There are different reasons why you may face knee pain- from arthritis, injury, or being overweight.

Whatever the reason, you should know how to improve your condition. Surprisingly, knee pain can be kept under control by implementing a healthy diet.

According to knee on trac treatment specialists, below some tips on ways to improve your diet which may lead to improved bone and joint health;

  1. Avoid foods and beverages that lead to additional inflammation.

 The pain that we feel in our body, in most cases, shows that there is an inflammatory condition; consuming foods that enhance the inflammation is like turning more gas on the fire.

Processed food, sugary beverages, and alcohol are just a few of the products to avoid for healing. 

  • Add calcium-rich dairy and green leaves food into your diet

No need to say the benefits of calcium for the bones and joints, but what should you do if you are lactose intolerant? Keep consuming rich-calcium food but from other sources! The market provides a wide range of lactose-free yogurts, lactose-free milk, or soy/oat/ almond milk.

Green and leafy vegetables are a good source of minerals that increase bone density, and help block the enzyme that causes joint swelling, so make sure to add to your diet vegetables and green leaves food such as spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, and turnip greens.

3. Boost your vitamin D3 intake.

Studies have shown a direct link between vitamin D deficiency and knee and joint pain. If you cannot be exposed to the sun for an extended period, take it from other sources- food such as salmon, swordfish, or beef liver is rich in this vitamin. You can also boost your intake with vitamin D2 or D3 supplements.

The right exercises and the right food will help you improve your condition.