If there’s anything that both western medicine and oriental practitioners agree on is that exercise is one of the best ways to stay healthy even during old age. If you exercise constantly, you can not only improve your strength and stamina, but also normalize your vital functions, boost immunity, balance your mood and hormone levels, and train the body into using proteins and nutrients more efficiently.

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Modern science already knows a lot about what happens to the body when you exercise. A doctor I know with excellent Lowry chiropractor reviews affirms that atrophied muscles can be trained to become stronger and more flexible, and weight comes off due to the increased burning of calories. Of course, to achieve these results you will also need to adopt a balanced diet and quit destructive practices like drinking or smoking. However, even if you’re overweight, doing the right exercises will almost always improve your health and put you on the right path towards a better and longer life.

Regular exercise, as well as oriental practices like yoga and tai chi are known to also have an impressive positive effect on mental health. Stress can be reduced, and depression is also improved in most cases. Moreover, when you exercise, your blood sugar levels are normalized which means your brain and nervous system will not be as easily damaged over time.

Even the risk of getting heart attacks and strokes, or of suffering from PAD or diabetes will be greatly reduced. So you are almost guaranteed to increase your lifespan by simply exercising every day.