Knee on Trac

Knee sprains or strains can take up to five weeks to heal, whereas trauma injuries can take up to five months. Injuries requiring surgery can even take up to seven months to heal completely.

Depending on the type or severity of the injury, home remedies can help the knee heal faster. The best known remedies are: elevation, rest, compression and ice or heat. Moreover, the help of a physiotherapist can also increase the chances of speedy recovery. Non invasive Knee on Trac pain therapy can be of benefit.

The main symptoms of a knee sprain are: stiffness, swelling, pain and bruising. However, there are many other types of knee injury including: ACL tear (anterior cruciate ligament tear) and fractures that can manifest as redness, tenderness and fever. In case of ACL tear or knee fractures, it is best to take pain medication and resort to the help of an orthopedic doctor.

In order to avoid severe injury to the knee, it is important to: choose the right shoes, stretch properly before exercising, get enough rest to prevent overuse and drink plenty of fluids that help keep you hydrated.

All in all, knee injuries can heal quickly if they are strains or sprains. However, ACL tears and fractures can take a lot longer to heal properly.