The ergonomic evaluation of jobs contains an inventory of problems, which need to be researched at the level of work processes and jobs, in order to analyze how to achieve mutual adaptation between man and his work, within a certain productive activity.

Benefits of completing an ergonomic work station evaluation covers work positions, work movements, physical and psychological tasks and other conditions that can influence the muscles and joints of the human body. Such actions include, for example: the design of workspaces, workstations, work tools and the work environment; the way work is organized and the psychological and social conditions at work.

It is important to use the means available to prevent musculoskeletal disorders. The risks of musculoskeletal disorders can be both acute, such as muscle fever or back and lumbar pain, as well as cumulative joint and muscle wear after months/ years of exposure.

Scheduling an ergonomic work station evaluation with Downtown’s Healthcare at is the first step towards ensuring the most productive use of the labor force, in the conditions of the lowest possible effort consumption or, in other words, the achievement of optimal individual labor productivity, with a small amount of human energy, under normal conditions of rhythm and effort.