Denver chiropractorAutumn is a great time to begin an efficient self-care routine. Now let’s be clear: self-care doesn’t necessarily mean to go on vacation. It means taking the necessary steps in order to properly care for yourself – mind, body and soul. If you’re also suffering from certain medical problems,  this is also a great time to visit your doctor or dentist for your regular check up and make sure everything is all right.

The first thing you need to consider is shifting to a healthy diet and exercise plan. Autumn is a good time to consider season-specific fruits and veggies and to work out more intensely due to the receding temperatures. Focus primarily on aerobic exercise and outdoor sports like cycling,  ball games and endurance running. That way you can keep your weight in check while also improving your stamina.

As vacation season nears its end, it also stands to reason that the increase in activity you’ll be experiencing at your job or while running your business can be quite stressful.

This is a great time to visit a Denver chiropractor specialist to make sure your body is in good alignment. Consider taking up yoga or some form of active meditation practice. While breathing exercises and regular meditation can also help,  active techniques like Tai Chi or Qi-gong will help you get used to relaxing while being active, a skill that will definitely help you out while you’re working as well.