best chiropractor DenverLower back pain is a very common affection – at least 80% of the adult population knows the stabbing, excruciating pain that comes on suddenly or the constant, exhausting pain that is there all the time. Fortunately, there are many ways to treat lower back pain – here are some:

  • CHIROPRACTIC CARE! – Look for the best chiropractor Denver offers. This type of medical provider can teach patients how to perform stretching and strengthening exercises to relieve the pain. In addition, they can perform manipulation in their office for further pain relief;
  • Treatment with medications – the first step toward getting medical treatment is a visit to a specialist, followed by investigations, such as an X-ray, to identify the source of the problem. Depending on the cause, your doctor might prescribe anti-inflammatory medication, muscle relaxants or pain killers;
  • Surgery – in very severe cases of disk degeneration or if the affection does not respond to other treatments, the only solution might be surgery;
  • Regular exercise – most lower back problems are caused by sedentary lifestyle. For people who suffer from lower back pain because they spend most of their day sitting even mild exercise can work wonders, providing almost instant amelioration of the pain. Regular exercise works the muscles, increases mobility and restores functionality, while also having many other great benefits for general health and well-being.