Are you looking for solutions to get rid of the discomfort caused by neck pain and headaches associated with it?  Here are some at-home remedies a recommended chiropractor in Lowry near me suggests that are easy to put into practice.

If you have a painful neck, the first therapeutic measures will aim at alleviating the discomfort created. Cervical pain can be caused by an injury (inflammation), older or newer, or by a muscle spasm caused by the accumulation of tension.

Natural products based on white willow are good for alleviating inflammation and easing neck movements. Products based on valerian, arnica or horsetail are indicated for stress relief and muscle relaxation. It is also helpful to alternately apply cold and hot compresses for 20 minutes.  The hot compress – with a calming role – must be applied for 3 minutes, and the cold one – with an anti-inflammatory role – for one minute.

In addition to these, maintaining and supporting the portion of the affected spine is, in the long term, an important part of the therapeutic approach to neck pain.  For this, we can start by watching our posture more carefully.  For posture correction, there are a number of methods, including the Alexander technique, the Feldenkrais method, but also yoga or tai chi.  Also, to support the spine, physical exercises that develop the related muscles should be done regularly.

Last but not least, making a habit from daily relaxation of the neck and shoulder muscles through specific exercises prevents the occurrence of pain and blockages.