chiropractor Lowry near meMeditation is enjoying growing popularity these days, with many medical specialists and psychotherapists including meditation techniques into their treatments. While in the past, meditation was considered by many only a technique that relaxes the mind, today there are many scientific studies available that prove the actual physical and health benefits of regular meditation. Here are some:

  • Healthy blood pressure – fluctuating or constantly high blood pressure is very often caused by heightened stress levels. Meditation being an efficient way to reduce stress and to calm racing thoughts, the technique can efficiently reduce stress related blood pressure problems too;
  • Help with anxiety and depression – anxiety and depression are two of the most common mental issues. As meditation techniques are aimed at calming the mind, they are very efficient in reducing anxiety and they are very often and very efficiently used in the treatment of depression as well;
  • Pain relief – there are numerous studies available today that prove the efficiency of meditation for pain relief purposes. While in many cases pain relief is possible with the help of medication, painkillers can have severe side effects or they can lead to the development of addiction. According to a trusted chiropractor in Lowry near me, for many patients, meditation, along with expert chiropractic care,  can bring the same efficiency as strong painkillers but without any of the side effects.