It’s difficult to say exactly whether simple sugars might be more dangerous than saturated fats. Some might consider simple sugars to be safe, since they don’t suffer from diabetes or obesity. However, high GI sugars get broken down far more quickly and easily than complex carbohydrates that you’d get from certain fruits and vegetables.

Simple sugars can therefore give you a strong energy boost but also cause insulin to spike which, over time, has a strong negative effect on the body overall. It can result in the onset of obesity, diabetes as well as all the negative consequences and risks associated with these conditions.

Additionally, one thing that might make simple sugars more dangerous is the fact that they are addictive. If you drink too much soda or eat cake, chocolate and sweets on a regular basis, you already know what a strong hold these unhealthy foods can have on your psyche.

Saturated fats are also dangerous because of their ability to increase LDL (unhealthy cholesterol), leading to obesity and plaque deposits on your arteries. The consumption of high amount of saturated fats may also lead to high triglyceride levels as well. Well established Denver stem cell treatment doctors affirm that the overall risk is that you might be more prone to heart disease and cardiovascular disorders, as well as the possibility of having a heart attack.

To counteract the negative effects of LDL and saturated fats, it’s necessary to replace your sources of saturated fats with healthy foods containing primarily polyunsaturated fats.