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Greater muscle mass, a larger heart, a greater amount of blood and a lesser capability of dealing with stress are among the main factors that make men more prone to heart attacks and strokes when compared to women. It has long been theorized that women live longer and are less at risk when it comes to certain health problems such as heart disease and the possibility of having to deal with cardiovascular problems. Now science confirms these facts, showing men are more at risk when it comes to these diseases, but also shedding light on why that is so.

It’s true that women have certain risk factors that men don’t have. For instance, diabetes and HBP developing during pregnancy, along with polycystic ovary disease and cervical cancer, are health issues that only affect women. Nevertheless, the symptoms of heart attacks can be milder for women and estrogen itself gives women some protection against heart problems. A downtown clinic with great Denver regenerative medicine reviews confirms that, due to these facts, the average age for women sustaining their first heart attacks is 70, while for men it’s about 65.

Research has also confirmed the fact that strokes are more common in men than women. The difference will decrease as the age of the person increases; however, medical experts have again found that sex hormones have a strong impact on the difference between the age that each gender has its first stroke on average – which was confirmed to be about 4 and a half years later for women, compared to men.