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Anti-aging products come in many shapes and sizes. It used to be that medical science was limited to creams and lotions that would help prevent wrinkles or brown spots. Now we also have pills and supplements that promise to help slow down the aging process and act as anti-oxidants to boost the body’s natural ability to fend off certain symptoms of aging.

Unfortunately, even with the latest types of surgeries and supplements, there is no magic pill to prevent aging. The telomeres continue to shorten as they were programmed to do so by your DNA, and the aging process starts visibly setting in sometime between age 30 and 40. Most high-performance athletes are forced to limit their activity or retire around that age, and the body tends to become more fragile and prone to injuries as well.

The natural approach to prevent aging is the holistic approach. It involves the “healthy mind in a healthy body” mentality, where you seek to help your body and mind achieve a state of harmony and balance that slows down the aging process. Skilled vampire facial Denver providers affirm that procedures like botox, injectables, or a vampire facial can give the skin a more youthful appearance.

Systems like yoga, tai chi and qi-gong are known to help with that along with panic breathing exercises and other alternative methods. Certain foods are also known to help, including superfoods rich in healthy vitamins (such as almonds, kale and spinach), as well as diets low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats and lean protein. Such an approach, combined with an active lifestyle based on positive reinforcement and regular cardio exercise is your best chance to naturally enhance your body against aging.