Downtown's Healthcare

Health and feeling good in your body are intricately linked and both can be influenced by your lifestyle decisions. Here are some tips from Downtown’s Healthcare excellent medical providers to become a healthier, happier you:

  • Adopt a healthy diet – providing your body with the nutrients it needs is essential for health and well-being. A balanced diet should consist of five meals (three main meals and two snacks), each of the meals being designed consciously and consisting of fresh fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats and carbs. The best way to create that diet is to do a little research or to turn to a specialist for help, then to stick to your diet plan;
  • Sleep enough – getting 7-9 hours of good quality, refreshing sleep is also essential;
  • Hydrate – your body needs hydration to be able to perform, so make sure to consume at least 8 glasses of water or herbal tea per day;
  • Regular exercise – whether it is walking, jogging, gym workouts or exercising at home, regularity is key for health. Make sure that you get at least half an hour of exercise per day;
  • Do not overdose on the news – reading or watching the news are important ways to stay connected to the world, but watching newsreels all the time and starting the day reading the latest news is not good for your mood, therefore harmful for your well-being as well. 😊