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Until recently, elegant perfume bottles, jars of moisturizing cream, sprays, lotions, and ointments seemed strictly feminine. The time devoted to skincare and body treatments was viewed by men with a sort of amused indulgence and often with an undisguised superiority over the “weaker” sex. Once upon a time, they were the hunters, the warriors, the adventurers, the ones who “allowed” women to live “carefree” in their small and superficial cosmetic paradise.

But things have changed, and nowadays, fashion designers are launching luxurious fine lingerie collections for men. Cosmetics manufacturers seem to be more and more focused on product lines destined for men. Without falling into ambiguity, men nowadays are increasingly concerned with how they look, the health and beauty of their skin and hair, and they seem to have learned that there is nothing shameful about taking care of their image.

Essential self-care tips for men include:

  1. Skincare  – try a rejuvenating vampire facial Denver treatment!
  2. Sweat control
  3. Efficient shaving, avoiding skin irritation
  4. Proper manicure and pedicure
  5. Hair care

The care routine and the products used must differ according to age. Even though many men still adhere to minimalist care, it is also recommended to follow the classic steps: cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. Add the proper skincare (before and after shaving), hair and beard – et voila! You are ready to conquer the world with your beauty!