Spine problems are among the most common musculoskeletal issues today, issues that
are mostly related to sedentary lifestyle and to other aspects of our habits.  Here are
some of the most common spine disorders:
– Degenerative disc disease – this problem affects the jelly-like substance between
the vertebrae that plays the role of separating the bones, causing the material to
dry and to become deformed. The issue can appear as the consequence of an
injury or it develops with age and it usually affects the neck and the lower back;
– A herniated disc – this problem develops when one of the cushioned discs that
separate the vertebrae becomes ruptured and the jelly-like substance inside the
disc leaks out. The condition is associated with severe pain and often with the
inability to move or to stand straight;
– Spinal stenosis – this issue develops when the spinal canal or the passageways
that accommodate the nerves becomes narrowed. The condition is usually the
result of wear and tear and affects people over the age of 50;
– Sprains and strains in the neck – these problems are caused by overuse or
trauma sustained by the tendons and ligaments of the neck. The most common
form of neck sprain is whiplash.

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