knee pain DenverInflammation can cause an incredibly wide variety of symptoms, from chronic fatigue and skin problems to issues of the digestive system. When the inflammation that is the culprit for the symptoms is eliminated, the symptoms usually go away, too, so here are some changes that you could implement to reduce or, even better, to get rid of the inflammation in your body:

  • Switch to an anti-inflammatory diet – while certain groups of food are known to increase inflammation, while others reduce or eliminate it. Berries of a deep color, such as blueberries, cruciferous vegetables, such as Brussels sprouts and broccoli, spices, such as turmeric and healthy fats, like olive oil, are all known to help reduce inflammation, therefore you should have lots of them. You should also avoid foods that cause inflammation, such as red meat, hydrogenated fat and semi-prepared meals;
  • Try the elimination diet – if you suspect that the inflammation in your body is caused by a one or a set of ingredients, try to eliminate them, one at a time, to see whether your condition improves;
  • Try to reduce stress – stress is a major cause of inflammations in the body. While eliminating it completely might not be possible, countering the harmful effects by finding an activity that relaxes you is certainly doable.
  • If you are suffering from inflammation and knee pain in Denver,  a respected Denver provider can offer additional insight and care to improve your condition.