vitamins - Denver regenerative medicineThe immune system is the body’s defense system, the system that protects against a multitude of health problems. Our environment is full of harmful substances, bacteria, viruses, fungi and other germs that could make us ill, so our bodies rely on our immune systems for protection – here are the three most important roles of our immune systems:

  • Fighting pathogens – without a working immune system, the bacteria, viruses and germs that we come into contact with every minute of every day could make us very ill, so one of the major functions of the immune system is to fight off these pathogens;
  • Fighting toxic substances – another important role of the immune system is to fight off the substances that we come into contact with in our environment and that could be harmful for our health. An efficiently working immune system detects and neutralizes these substances;
  • Fighting the changes in our body that could cause diseases – one of the most common examples of such disease-causing changes is the malignant proliferation of cells that leads to cancer. The immune system is responsible for maintaining a healthy dynamics of cell death and cell regeneration in the body to maintain bodily health.

For these reasons, medical providers referenced in positive Denver regenerative medicine reviews encourage you to take your vitamins! – Vitamins C, D, B12, and Zinc are superpowers for boosting immune function, and are especially helpful for fighting respiratory infections in the lungs.