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The flu season seems something that inevitably comes each year, putting us all at risk of getting infected. Fortunately, according to excellent stem cell treatment Denver doctors there are many great and efficient preventive methods and measures that you can implement – here are some:

  • Pay increased attention to hygiene – the viruses that cause the flu are easily killed by water and some mild detergent, soap, or disinfectant liquid. This means that one of the most important preventative measures is to wash your hands and your face frequently, preferably each time after you have spent time in a busy public place or if you have touched surfaces that many people normally touch. Washing and disinfecting the surface of the products you buy is also an essential measure of hygiene that can help you prevent getting infected with the flu.
  • Strengthen your immune system with your diet – pursuing a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, and slow absorption carbohydrates is a very important measure that can help you prevent being down with the flu. It also might be a good idea to invest in some nutrition supplements such as vitamins and antioxidants.
  • Spend more time in the fresh air – taking long walks in the nearby woods or anywhere else away from the polluted out of the city is another excellent method to strengthen your immune system and make it more resistant to infections, including the flu.