knee pain treatment Denver

Every day, our knee joints are put through a lot of pressure. In addition to supporting our body weight, the knees allow us to perform all kind of movements (running, jumping, flexing, turning around etc.), with the help of the bones, tendons, ligaments and cartilages. Between the bones and the tendons that are constantly rubbing against each other, there are some small fluid-filled sac, called bursae, which protect them from cracks and wear.

Knee pain may occur, in principle, from three types of causes: accidents, medical conditions or overwork.

  • Accidents

We often hurt our knees because we get injured on the sports field or at the gym, we stumble and fall or slip on the ice. Stretching, incomplete rupture or complete and sudden rupture of the knee ligaments causes sprains. Squatting or twisting around can lead to rupture of the meniscus, while falling directly to the knee or hitting it with a hard object can cause a patella fracture. The dislocation of the patella appears as a result of an exaggerated flexion of the calf.

  • Medical conditions

If we experience knee pain that does not improve and does not go away, we should go to a highly regarded knee pain treatment Denver   specialist because it may hide more serious conditions, such as arthritis, gonarthrosis, osteoporosis, gout, lupus, Osgood-Schlatter disease, cysts or infections.

  • Overworking the joints

Knee pain caused by overexertion of the joints usually occurs in athletes who train too much, but also in people who do not train properly.