Lowry regenerative medicine reviews

Aging is a normal process of physical changes over time – one can age passively, without paying much attention to the active process, making conscious choices, and taking great care of the body and mind.

It is never too late or too early to choose the path to healthy aging, but the sooner you start, the better!

Here are three anti-aging habits you need to start young.

Regular physical activity

A chiropractor with amazing Lowry regenerative medicine reviews claims that the secret to healthy and independent aging is regular physical activity. This keeps the body strong and moving, protecting and improving emotional and cognitive functions. People who avoid a sedentary lifestyle are much less prone to anxiety, depression, short-term memory loss (cognitive decline), and illness.

Regular intellectual activity

It has been found that intellectual involution, impaired mental faculties is not only caused by the loss of nerve cells or their aging (senility), but in 70% of cases, this condition is caused by the loss of intellectual training; in other words, by “not exercising” the brain.

Avoiding habits that accelerate aging

Such habits (such as high-salt or high-fat diets, smoking, alcohol abuse, and drug abuse) are risk factors for the onset of premature aging.

As the body ages, it is expected to undergo certain changes at its own pace. The way the body ages depends on certain genetic factors (inherited). However, lifestyle choices hold a stronger impact on aging – and they can be controlled!